08 August 2010

No Message-in-a-Bottle Necessary

Thank you for all of the letters and packages! Erica and I have decided to share a post office box with other volunteers in Xai-xai, so if you want to send me letters to this address, I might get them a little more quickly:
Alycia Overbo
C/o Corpo da Paz
C.P. 85
Xai-xai, Moçambique
Please continue sending packages to the Maputo address (Avenida do Zimbabwe, No. 345). I have greater faith that packages will arrive there unopened, and also, the Peace Corps pays the fees to receive them, which works out well for me. Erica and I are well-stocked with coffee and granola bars and are happy as clams at high tide. If you’re looking for new care package ideas, different teas are nice, and reading materials like books and magazines are always appreciated, as are movies and music. And I think I previously forgot to mention my deep love for peanut butter M&M’s. But really, anything from home is a treat. Anything that crosses the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, and most of Africa that has my name on it makes me feel pretty special.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Honey:
    How are you doing? Yay, you have your own PO Box. I'll try to write something witty or more likely, "half-witty" to amuse you and your friends. Bless you both for doing all that research--on the beaches of Inhambane,Tofo and Barra. Tough duty, but all future family tourists will thank you. And congratulations on your Science Fair. Superb!
    Our classes start soon, too, and I empathize totally, and am feeling the pressure mounting, with my two new courses, and no books to teach from. Asi es la vida! Hasta la vista! Stay well, be good to yourselves, and God bless!