12 March 2010

Then There Was One

I knew my roommate Arlete was in the process of getting a house, so last Monday night, when she carried her last load of belongings to her new digs and said she was going to start sleeping there, I was surprised that she wasn’t going to stay for the dinner I’d prepared, but not too surprised.  However, when my roommate Amelia told me the next night, “I forgot to tell you—I talked to some people and I’m getting a room of my own, so Friday night will be my last night in this house,” I was fairly surprised.  That’s how within one week, I went to having two Mozambican roommates to none.  Poof!  They both moved to houses that have electricity, so I can’t say that I blame them.
Since my roommates left with their pots, pans, and stove, Bea and I are currently lodging with my PCV sitemate.  Bea likes playing with her cat, and I like this too, since his playful-yet-at-times-painful ankle attacks have decreased. It’s been a nice week to enjoy using my computer, having a well-charged phone, and having the company of an American friend.  It might be hard to adjust to living alone again, but I’m excited to set up my house just how I want it. There’s a chance another Mozambican teacher will move in, but I think the convenience of being close to the school isn’t enough of a pro to outweigh the con of no electricity, so the chance is slim.  Bea and I are going to do some major household item acquisition and try our hands at interior decorating; we’ll let you know how it goes.

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