02 October 2009

Across the World in 15 Hours and/or 10 Business Days

I can never get over the strange disconnect of traveling; a person can get on a plane, watch a few movies, have a few snacks, and then land in a completely foreign place, another world.  After landing in Maputo yesterday afternoon, we haven't had much opportunity to explore this new world, being restricted to the hotel for security purposes, but we're still getting exposure to the Mozambican world outside of our hotel through extensive orientations and presentations.  And through our Portuguese language interview, which was effective foreshadowing to how wretched my communication will be for a while.  My miming skills, however, will improve drastically.
We've essentially had a crash course on Peace Corps service in these last two days, and tomorrow, we drive to Namaacha to meet our host families.  I don't think there will be much internet availability in Namaacha, so until my phone gets set up, the best way to communicate with me is probably snail mail.  If a person were to write me a letter, a person might expect to receive mail in return, and if this would be strong enough incentive, mail would be sent to: 

Alycia Overbo, PCV
c/o U. S. Peace Corps Mozambique
Avenida Zimbabwe 345
Maputo, Mozambique

And in case Mom is worrying, I have gotten most of my immunizations (and subsequently can't comfortably lift my arms above my head), so I'm not coming home with typhoid fever.  Tudo bem, everything is good!


  1. Hi lady! A person sounds a bit like her maternal uncle. Love you, and pretending that you'd be on skype at what is 4 in the morning for you. Not unreasonable. Or maybe it is. änna

  2. Hi Alycia! Your writing is wonderful - I'm going to really enjoy reading your blog. Pretty exciting for me to have an actual African connection! We had friends from Tanzania at college in 1963. Loti and Maria Philippo grew up in Lutheran mission schools, and Loti became a student at Bethany College in Kansas.

    I remember your excellent work on Grieg's piano concerto - and now you are busy with learning Portuguese to teach Biology. Awesome. Carry on! Lynda